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Segment 1 – The TypeE Quiz

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Take the TypeE Quiz  

Are you or someone you know one of the dynamic 5 to 10 percent of the population who love living on the edge? Take this TypeE quiz and find out. Share this quiz with your suspected TypeE friends, family, and coworkers to find out if they love living on the edge as much as you do!  

Please answer Yes, Sometimes, or No to the following questions.  

1. Do you love starting new projects, especially “impossible” ones? 

2. Does the thought of having a typical 9-to-5 job make you break into a cold sweat? 

3. Do you quickly lose interest in a project or job once it is up and running? 

4. Has delegating responsibility been a major challenge for you? 

5. When contacted by an old friend you haven’t heard from in years, do you immediately pick up where you left off, as if no time has passed?  

6. Do you love having time to yourself when you can find it?  

7. Do you usually find small talk a waste of time?  

8. Do most of your projects or jobs or romantic relationships usually last between six months to five years?  

9. Did you grow up feeling your view of life was different from that of most people?  

10. Do you consider yourself an intensely passionate person? 

Circle your answer Y, S, or N. After you have completed answering the questions, please proceed to the next section to score your quiz.  

1 Y S N   ________         2 Y S N   ________    3 Y S N   ________  

4 Y S N   ________         5 Y S N   ________    6 Y S N   ________  

7 Y S N   _______         8 Y S N   _______    9 Y S N   ________  

10 Y S N ________  

SCORE  ________  

Quiz Results 

 Go back to your score sheet and fill in the points. Give yourself:  

  • 3 points for every Y answer  
  • 2 points for every S answer  
  • 1 point for every N answer  

Less than 10 points – replace your calculators battery!  

10 – 19 points: Probably not a TypeE – You are best suited for a regular 9-to-5 job. You’re most likely steady both at home and at work. Follow-through is your middle name. You are an invaluable resource to any company. You also get a purple heart if you have to spend extended periods of time with TypeEs. 

20 – 30 points: Within the TypeE Range – The higher your score within this range, the greater your TypeE Behavioral Tendencies will be. This range is divided into three categories and is further explained in the next section.  

20 – 23 points: TypeE Manager  

24 – 27 points: TypeE Translator  

28 – 30 points: TypeE Mystic 

Three Categories of TypeEs: Whether you are within the TypeE Manager, Translator or Mystic range, all three aspects of the TypeE personality are alive and well within you to some degree. While some TypeEs can operate from all three modalities simultaneously, there is usually one mode where you will feel most comfortable with or that resonates for you most strongly. This is the one you will find yourself utilizing most of the time.  

20 – 23 Points: Probably a TypeE Manager  

As a TypeE Manager you’re a practical visionary who, unlike traditional managers, won’t shy away from risk. You know how to get the ball rolling and how to keep things on track. Action is your calling card. The TypeE Manager understands that to succeed there is a certain amount of risk one needs to take to move things ahead to the next level. So the TypeE Manager isn’t afraid of risk, but has learned to understand and work with it. TypeE Managers have told me that less than seven out of ten failures mean they aren’t pushing the “success envelope” enough. Striking out with that many failures is part of the process for hitting those remaining three spectacular home runs. Babe Ruth, baseball’s home run king, was an exceptional example of this process. Of course, he was also baseball’s strikeout king.  

24 – 27 Points: Most Likely a TypeE Translator  

As a TypeE Translator you’re a bilingual visionary who is a vital link between the TypeE Mystic, the TypeE Manager and the rest of the world. You excel at being able to think and communicate in two very distinct styles – both globally and linearly. It’s that extraordinary ability to take lofty visions and bring them down to earth that makes you an invaluable, and scarce resource. TypeE Translators are essential for creating a balanced, successful work, home and school environment for other TypeEs. They have an unequaled ability to understand the ideas a TypeE Mystic entertains and effectively communicates them to the rest of the world. Without a TypeE Translator, most TypeE businesses and families are destined for continual crisis. TypeE Translators appear to be quite rare. If you have one in your group, do whatever it takes to keep them happy, content and well fed.  

28 – 30 Points: Undoubtedly a TypeE 

Mystic You’re a mystic visionary who operates so far outside the box, you can’t remember where the box is most of the time. Since you have more than just your head in the clouds, it can be a challenge to communicate your ideas and passions to other people. TypeE Mystics have an uncanny ability to see the big picture even before anything can be seen by others. Their challenge lies in dealing with the details and communicating their vision to others. They require the help of a TypeE Translator to put their ideas into action and a TypeE Manager to keep things running smoothly. When in balance, TypeE Mystics are the picture of creativity, enjoying every second of life. Out of balance, they likely will experience a roller coaster ride that creates extreme levels of stress for themselves, their businesses and families as well.