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"The TypeE construct is an incredibly honest, insightful vehicle for all super achievers and hot pursuers alike, and a gift to those wishing to open up to new possibilities."
Norman Kay
President, International Business Communications
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Highly successful and effective teams are most often comprised of both individuals who have a TypeE Personality and those who don’t.

Ineffective, unproductive, chaotic teams are often comprised of both individuals who have a TypeE Personality and those who don’t.

What’s the difference?

Why do some teams work so well and others flounder?

Simply put, it’s the individuals on the team, the ratio of TypeEs on the team and the culture of the team. In a team where each person shares equal support for outrageous suggestions, equal weight in managing group process and executing the plan magic happens on an individual, team and company-wide level.
For teams that follow a more traditional top down, authoritative approach, fear is the pervasive factor within the team. Fear constricts the creative process. Support of free range thinking and permission to make mistakes enhances it.

So where do Type-E's fit into all of this?

They are naturally creative and curious.

Place them in the wrong mix within a system that is authoritative and they become a major headache for all concerned, as they constantly push the boundaries of the restrictive culture.
Place these same TypeEs in a balanced group of fellow TypeEs and in a team culture that supports out of the box thinking and a shared responsibility for problem solving and results and watch the magic happen. Creative solutions and ideas and ways to act on them are developed in record time. 
Enlightened action is the name of the game. However, there must be the right mix of TypeEs for the magic to flow. The team must consist of all three TypeEs on the spectrum; Manager, Translator and Mystic plus regular folks to keep it all going once it’s up and running.
Creating a well oiled TypeE Team that thrives on challenges, enlightened solutions and practical applications while encouraging an “open” team culture is one of the best investments a company, project or entrepreneur can make in reaching a sustainable triple bottom line for their employees, business and the community they live and work in. 
Bringing a balanced TypeE Team together is just the first step. Next they need to learn, develop and practice the open, supportive culture of communication, innovation and practical application. Once they begin to operate from a set of enlightened principles, the intuitive effects can be seen through quicker, more effective problem solving and creative output.