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Alex Giorgio identified and developed the TypeE personality profile after working with successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, athletes, scientists, CEOs and other highly creative individuals at one of the world’s leading health and fitness resorts.

As happens with many new discoveries, Alex inadvertently ran into the TypeE pattern quite by accident. The primary factor recognizing this unusual pattern was the inordinately large number of individuals he saw as a psychotherapist – more than ten thousand over the course of fifteen years.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell points out that something unique happens when a person reaches ten thousand hours of doing a specialized activity. At this point a new way of doing something, an entirely different way of looking at something or a previously unrecognized pattern can suddenly jump into a person’s awareness. Gladwell notes that change agents from Bill Gates to the Beatles have had a major impact on bringing to the world new concepts as they hit their stride when reaching that magic ten thousand hour number.

the ten thousand hour mark

Indeed, it was right around the ten thousand hour mark of seeing these amazing, creative individuals when very specific patterns of success and failure along with miscommunication among staff and family members, when the TypeE was out of balance, came into view. An additional pattern also surfaced which revealed three specific phases in a TypeEs life.
These patterns were so striking, so predictable and so simple; Alex thought they couldn’t possibly be correct. And yet they were verified through brainwave readings, electrodermal responses and other physiological measurements that he monitored during the sessions.


The more Alex worked with these successful individuals, the more he received the same feedback: “It’s as if you’ve been living with me.” and, “You described me to a ‘T.’” 
Taking the strategies that the most successful TypeEs utilized, he was able to synthesize them into four specific guidelines for success. Alex discovered that when TypeEs who were out of balance applied several key strategies on a consistent basis their lives returned to an optimal level of creativity and passion!
 A secondary factor that acted as a catalyst for bringing the TypeE personality pattern to light was a lecture on biofeedback that Alex was required to give each week at the resort. In typical TypeE Mystic style he had managed to evade giving these lectures for nearly two years. Having been in the biofeedback field for more than twenty-one years, giving a standard lecture on the topic of biofeedback no longer enthused him. Since he was now cornered, he decided instead to present the findings on some of the interesting patterns he was encountering during his sessions.
The audience response to this first lecture immediately confirmed that he was on to something. The attendees expressed their amazement at how similar the patterns Alex presented were to their own lives.

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The Type-E paradigm

This is when Alex realized he had uncovered what he later termed the TypeE personality. The TypeE paradigm described the pleasures and pitfalls of this extremely creative and passionate group of the population.
Interest in TypeE grew rapidly. He was soon receiving invitations to give his top-rated presentations and seminars on the TypeE personality at such venues as MIT’s Technology Capital Network, Harvard Business School’s Disruptive Innovative Technology Conference, Ford Motor Company’s Leadership Development Center, The Young Entrepreneur Organization, and IBM’s Lotus Corporation’s Lotusphere, one of the largest IT conferences in the world.
To broaden the outreach of the TypeE information Alex created the audio program, The TypeE Personality: Living on the Edge without Falling Off. It became the basic course for those interested in learning or teaching about the TypeE personality. It is now referred to as the “Classic E” course and addresses the first two phases of a typical Type E’s life.


As he continued to lecture a specific need became apparent in relationship to TypeEs and their lives. The spouses and colleges of Type E’s kept coming up after the lectures, asking him for tools to help them with the TypeE Mystics they lived or worked with. In response to this Alex created the Taming the TypeE program to serve the needs of these individuals.
The latest development is a program, developed in early 2011, that focuses on the spiritual dimensions of a TypeEs evolution found in the third phase of a TypeEs life journey. In The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Enlightenment, Alex pulls back the veil on living an enlightened TypeE life.