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Segment 1 – Behavioral Tendencies and Characteristics

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Self Reflection  – How do these TypeE Tendencies show up in your life and How have they served or derailed you?

TypeE Behavioral Tendencies and Characteristics  

People with a TypeE personality, no matter what their tendency, share a handful of traits. Passion and creativity are their hallmarks. From disliking routine to having a predictable pattern of success and failure, TypeEs’ lives are based on intensity. To gain a basic understanding of how TypeEs operate and why they can be both a blessing and a curse to themselves, coworkers and family members, let’s take a closer look at the questions from the TypeE Quiz. 

Do you love starting new projects, especially “impossible” ones?  

TypeEs are designed to create things, not to run them. They crave new and exciting projects. The fastest way to stress a TypeE is to place them in a routine. Excessive routine is poison for TypeEs and disables their ability to create. They thrive in unconventional environments that not only allow but encourage them to explore outside the box. This penchant for starting new projects has another ramification. There’s no hope of retirement for most TypeEs. Another project or dream will always pull them into a flurry of activity. Wednesday night bingo, endless days of lounging by the pool or polishing their golf clubs are just not in a TypeEs future.  

Does the thought of having a 9 – 5 job make you break into a cold sweat?  

Ask this to a TypeE, and you can almost feel their panic. Most 9-5 jobs are are much too restrictive for a TypeE’s creativity.  

Do you quickly lose interest in a project or job once it is up and running?  

TypeEs need to be continually challenged. Creating something is a positive challenge. But the minute the project is up and running, they lose interest. If TypeEs don’t have an exit strategy in place before this point, they usually will drive themselves and whatever they have created right into the ground. Seasoned TypeEs will have a transition/management team all set to take over well before this point.  

Has delegating responsibility or handing something over to someone else to complete or manage been a major challenge for you? 

 One of the most difficult hurdles for a TypeE is allowing someone else to do the job. TypeEs think that they can do the job better than anyone else. Unfortunately, they are usually right. Because they have a larger radar scope, greater intuition and heightened states of creativity, they really can get the job done better within their area of expertise, and faster than most people. At some point though, the TypeEs begin to realize that handing a project over to someone means it will usually get done to only 80 percent of perfection. But, at least they will get their life back. They will be able to return to creating things, instead of running them.  

When contacted by an old friend you haven’t heard from in years, do you immediately pick up where you left off, as if no time has passed?  

TypeEs have an extraordinary ability to develop long and lasting friendships. While most people require an extended period of time to reconnect with old friends, TypeEs can pick up right where they left off, as if it were only yesterday since their last conversation. .  

Do you love having time to yourself when you can find it?  

TypeEs would love to have alone time, but usually are running with a schedule better suited to three or more people. Not much breathing room. Nevertheless, having time to themselves is essential if they want to thrive not only personally, but professionally.  

Do you usually find small talk a waste of time? 

Small talk, chitchat and gossip are not the usual domains of TypeE personalities. If they are going to engage in conversation, it must be meaningful, something with substance. One indication that TypeEs are headed over the edge is that they will notice themselves beginning to gossip. Normally their projects and lives are much too engaging for lesser things like small talk.  

Do your projects or jobs or romantic relationships usually last between six months to five years? 

Most TypeEs live with a six-month to five-year project cycle in their personal and professional lives. Once something is up and running, be it a job, business or a relationship, they normally lose interest. At this point the desire to head in a new direction becomes overwhelming. If for some reason they aren’t able to bring something new into the picture, they will unconsciously create a crisis to fill the creative void. Most eventually will leave the project, job or relationship altogether until they incorporate the Four Simple Strategies of Successful TypeEs into their lives.  

Did you grow up feeling your view of life was different from that of most people?  

TypeEs typically say that they didn’t know many other people who thought the way they did. They felt a bit odd. With only 5 – 10 percent of the population coming from a similar physiological and psychological point of view, that’s not surprising.  

Do you consider yourself an intensely passionate person?  

Passion and creativity are hallmarks of the TypeE personality. When they are tracking down the centerline of their lives, immersed in creative endeavors with plenty of time, they are passion incarnate. TypeEs carry that passion into every aspect of their lives, whether it’s the next big deal or simply the indescribably delicious feeling of being alive.