type E


Alex Giorgio, Founder

It is Alex’s belief that one of the most powerful ways to create social, economic and environmental sustainability on a global scale is to empower successful entrepreneurs through transformational personal and business tools. By blending triple bottom line business practices with cross-cultural spiritual strategies and healthy aging techniques, entrepreneurs and the companies they form are shifting our future from one of lack, to one of abundance.

Alex Giorgio is best known for discovering and developing the TypeE Personality profile and incorporates it into his work with clients and their companies. He has delivered his top-rated presentations and seminars at educational and business settings such as the Technology Capital Network at M.I.T., Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christienson Disruptive Innovative Technology Conference, Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters Leadership Development Center, the Young Entrepreneur Organization, IBM’s Lotusphere, one of the largest IT conferences in the world, and Frontiers of Science conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Alex has a broad background ranging from biofeedback and hypnotherapy to spiritual psychology and A Course In Miracles. He helped develop key health and healing programs for one of the worlds leading resorts, Canyon Ranch, while delivering behavioral health services as a psychotherapist to Canyon Ranch guests for more than 16 years. In addition to his work with Canyon Ranch, Alex has been associated with The University of Arizona College of Medicine and the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito, California.

Being a typical TypeE Mystic he currently resides somewhere on the third planet of the sun – traveling in a minor galaxy lodged in an up and coming universe, floating at the intersection of Time and Space. You can most often find him wandering the mountains, deserts and oceans, soaking up the moments, one by one, in search of the elusive perfect Flan.

“Alex really helped me to understand why I am – and love being – a serial entrepreneur. I love the challenge of change and get bored with the repetition of maintaining the status quo.”

— Bard Salmon, Chairman, Technology Capital Network,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] 

“Learning about Alex Giorgio and the TypeE personality paradigm has unleashed an awesome array of insights and tools I use with all my clients.”

— Craig B. Mardus, Ph.D.,
Author of How to Make Worry Work for You (Little Brown)