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"Those with a Type E personality have a unique way of living and working in the world."

business man with problems and stress in the office

Those with a TypeE personality have a unique way of living and working in the world. Because of this, they can often find themselves in the midst of many problems with employers and in relationships. But these problems don’t just crop up overnight. 

There seems to be one common mistake that occurs quite consistently for entrepreneurs, entertainers CEOs and others with a TypeE personality who find themselves about to fall over the edge. It is the first of four warning signs that they have entered the TypeE Critical Zone and a fall is imminent unless positive changes are made.
I'm so bored

Boredom is the first indication that you're approaching this TypeE Critical Zone.

Worried doctor sitting on floor

The second warning sign in the TypeE Critical Zone is a dramatic increase in the amount of time spent worrying about things.

Wake Up Call

Those who ignore the second warning sign will be blessed with warning number three - a 2 a.m. wake up call, two - three hours

Puzzled by problems

The fourth warning sign flashing before your eyes is that wherever you look, all you see is crisis.

The TypeE Critical Zone Quiz

For the TypeE personality, living on the edge is exciting. But it can also turn into a stressful roller coaster ride culminating in a terrifying plunge over the emotional edge.

This TypeE Critical Zone Quiz will give you a good idea of how close to the edge you are.

  • For the most accurate results, think back over the past two months when responding to each question.

  • This quiz is accurate only for those who have scored 20 pointsor higher on the TypeE Quiz.