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TypeEs share a unique physiology, mental outlook and intuitive capability.

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TypeE’s have a unique way of living their lives that is shared by an estimated 5-10% of the population. Understanding and working with the TypeE paradigm helps you bring unique contributions to the world and explore the scope of your personal stage – private, local, global.

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An estimated 5 to 10 percent of individuals have a way of seeing and living their lives that is so completely different from the norm that it can best be described as a personality all its own.

The anatomy of the Type personality


To gain a better understanding of how TypeE’s operate and why they can be both a blessing and a curse to coworkers as well as family members.


Type E
critical zone


Those with a TypeE personality have a unique way of living and working in the world, they can often find themselves in the midst of many problems with employers and in relationships.

Spotting the pattern

About theType-E Program

Alex Giorgio identified and developed the TypeE personality profile after working with successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, athletes, scientists, CEOs and other highly creative individuals at one of the world’s leading health and fitness resorts.

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