type E

Segment 1 – 1 – Reflect Practice Play

Topic Progress:
  1. Make a list of those family members, colleagues and support staff who sometimes get caught in your TypeE whirlwind of intensity. 
  2. What was your TypeE Quiz number? __
  3. Are you in the TypeE Manger, Translator or Mystic range? Regardless of your number which do you identify most strongly as? Why? Or in what ways?
  4. What has been the most challenging and or disruptive aspect of being a TypeE?
  5. What has been the most FUN and rewarding aspect of being a TypeE?
  6. Make a list of those people in your life who may have a TypeE personality. Are they a TypeE Manager, Translator, or Mystic? 
  7. When was the last time you felt totally alive and that all aspects of your life were aligned? describe it in as much detail as you can below.
  8. Which childhood or young adult dreams of yours are still waiting to be fulfilled?
  9. What is your definition of success? Have you attained it yet – at any point in your life thus far? Does it still apply? 

SpeedRelaxation Guided Visualization Practice 

Search out a quiet place to rest for a few minutes where you won’t be disturbed. When you’re ready, place the headphones on, start listening to SpeedRelaxation and let your mind relax. Do this practice daily for the first three weeks of this course to increase your ability to focus, create or relax any time you choose. You’ll be able to chart your own relaxation process with the biofeedback instrumentation later in this module.

Click here to access Speed Relaxation Guided Visualization Practice

SpeedRelaxation: The Seven-Minute Miracle  

Practicing along with this audio guide on a daily basis will help to kick start your experience of living life from the inside out. You’ll learn to shift from a state of stress and worry to one of appreciation and joy, all in less than seven minutes.  

Here is an example of what can be accomplished (see chart below).  

This successful TypeE Mystic developed an Internet services company. He sold it four years later to a top Internet provider for millions. He had never done any relaxation or imagery exercises. The Speed Relaxation technique dramatically shifted his physiology into heightened states of relaxation (see blue box), transforming his stress in less than seven minutes following a 20 minute interview.  

The chart also shows (in the blue box) an increase in hand temperature (an indication of relaxation – top arrow) and a dramatic decrease in stress levels (middle arrow.) The lower graph (in red) also indicates a significant relaxing and calming of muscle activity (bottom arrow,) all within seven minutes. 

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