type E

Which TypeE life stage are you experiencing right now?

Topic Progress:

Which TypeE life stage are you experiencing right now?

  • __ Stage One: Living on the Edge
  • __ Stage Two: Leading on the Edge
  • __ Stage Three: Living beyond the Edge

If you are in Stage One: Living on the Edge, which phase are you in?

  • __ Phase I: Opportunity
  • __ Phase II: Up and Running
  • __ Phase III: Over the Edge

What was your TypeE Critical Zone score?

  • __ 10 – 14: Terrific
  • __ 15 – 19: Caution
  • __ 20 – 24: Warning
  • __ 25 – 30: Danger!

When will you take action to exit the TypeE Critical Zone if you scored 15 points or higher?

  • __ Today
  • __ Tomorrow
  • __ Next week
  • __ When I get some extra time (=Never)

Overall Balancing Routine for TypeEs

We tend to be creatures of habit. While a small, basic routine is essential for TypeEs, too much routine can be like poison.

Changing dull routines is a powerful first step in escaping from boredom in all its forms. A great experiment is to move your toothbrush from one side of the bathroom cabinet to the other. For two weeks you will reach for where it used to be – even while you’re looking at it sitting in its new location! You can add brushing your teeth with the opposite hand you usually use to this exercise, and create some new neural pathways to wander along