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Critical Zone Quiz 

Topic Progress:

Choose your answer Y, S, or N.

1 Y S N __

2 Y S N __

3 Y S N __

4 Y S N __

5 Y S N __

6 Y S N __

7 Y S N __

8 Y S N __

9 Y S N __

10 Y S N __


To calculate your score give yourself:

  • 3 points for every Y answer/
  • 2 points for every S answer/
  • 1 point for every N answer/

The TypeE Critical Zone Quiz

For the TypeE personality, living on the edge is exciting. But it can also turn into a stressful roller coaster ride culminating in a terrifying plunge over the emotional edge.

This TypeE Critical Zone Quiz will give you a good idea of how close to the edge you are. For the most accurate results, think back over the past two months when responding to each question.

This quiz is accurate only for those who have scored 20 points or higher on the TypeE Quiz.

Please answer Yes, Sometimes, or No to the following ten questions…

  1. Have you noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of time you’ve spent worrying?
  1. Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, about two to three hours after you’ve gone to sleep?
  1. Do you seem to be caught in a continuing crisis?
  1. Are you bored with your job or relationship?
  1. Are you continually chasing after an over-scheduled life that barely leaves you time to breathe?
  1. Has depression or emotional numbness been following you around?
  1. Do you usually skip a healthy breakfast of whole grains and protein in the morning?
  1. Is dialing the phone your only form of regular exercise?
  1. Have your zest for life and positive creativity abandoned you?
  1. Do you frequently want to bolt from your job or relationship without looking back?

Critical Zone Quiz Results Analysis

10 – 14 You’re terrific – Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.

15 – 30 points is within the TypeE Critical Zone range
(If you scored at this level, you may be in for an interesting ride. The higher your score, the greater your personal and professional challenges are likely to become. )

  • Caution 15–19: You have just entered the TypeE Critical Zone. Consider making some immediate positive adjustments in your life. Refocus on what’s important to you and how best to use your unique talents. Implementing the Four Essential Strategies of Successful TypeEs into your life over the next few months as described in Week Three of this program will help you to move away from the edge.
  • Warning 20-24: You’ve likely become entrenched in the TypeE Critical Zone. NOW is the time to take a long, hard look at your life, where you’d like to be and what you need to do to get back on track. It would be beneficial to complete this week’s exercises soon as possible. They will help to provide a framework from which to formulate your next few steps.
  • Danger 25-30: At this point, you’re so close to the edge that you can probably hear the roaring of the falls. Most TypeEs in this range will find themselves well on the way to depression if no immediate action is taken. Immediately begin working on the Critical Zone strategies at the end of this section as well as the exercises throughout this Guidebook, one each day.

The TypeE Critical Zone Range is divided into three categories:

  • 15 – 19 points Caution
  • 20 – 24 points Warning
  • 25 – 30 points Danger, depression ahead


If you are in the Danger Zone of 25 -30 talk to a close friend or trusted professional TODAY!

There is no better way to turn your life around than sharing what you are going through with another human being who can listen with compassion and unconditional love. When combined with the tools found in this program, you’ll find yourself plotting a return to joy.

Reflect & Integrate

  • If you are choosing to put off dealing with being in the Critical Zone, take a minute to consider what benefit you are receiving from remaining in this place?
  • What does the future look like a year from now if you don’t leave the Critical Zone?
  • What does it look like of you do!