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Anatomy of the TypeE Personality

TypeE individuals thrive in an environment that is diverse, challenging and ever-evolving. They love living on the edge of life and would have it no other way. There is a very specific pattern and progression to a healthy TypeEs life. If TypeEs and the people around them are to experience a fulfilling life, it is crucial that they understand these patterns.

In this second segment, we will become aware of the three Life Stages that nearly all TypeEs experience.

The three stages are:

  • Living on the Edge
  • Leading on the Edge
  • and finally the enlightened stages of Living Beyond the Edge.

This week we focus on the first stage which can take the TypeE on a wild ride through the TypeE Critical Zone. Taking the TypeE Critical Zone Quiz will help you learn about this Zone and let you know just how close to the Edge you really are.

Guidebook Contents

  1. The Three Life Stages of a TypeE Personality
    • Stage One: Living on the Edge (has 3 phases)
    • Stage Two: Leading on the Edge
    • Stage Three: Living Beyond the Edge
  2. Stage One: Living on the Edge
    • Phase I: Opportunity Management
    • Phase II: Up and Running
    • Phase III: Over the Edge or Crisis Management
  3. Phase II: Up and Running / The TypeE Critical Zone
  4. The TypeE Critical Zone Quiz
  5. Reflect and Integrate
  6. TypeE Critical Zone Strategies