type E


Living on the Edge and Loving It

If you are an entrepreneur, entertainer or CEO, or if you consider yourself energetic or maybe even enlightened, chances are you have a TypeE personality.

This audio book is a wonderful entree into the world of the TypeE Personality. Includes an overview of the TypeE personality, the TypeE Quiz, TypeE life stages, the Critical Zone quiz and many other dynamic TypeE tendencies.

Understanding and working with the TypeE Paradigm will give you a deep understanding of the unique contributions you bring to the world as you explore the scope of your personal stage – private, local, global. This audio book is a compilation of selections from the TypeE Programs Living on the Edge Without Falling Off and Taming the TypeE.

The purpose of this audio book is to provide an overview of the unique TypeE personality and to assist TypeEs and non-TypeEs alike in gaining a full understanding of this distinctive way of being in the world. The insights you’ll discover about yourself, work, family and community will be just the beginning.

The TypeE Personality(R) Profile will reveal:

  • Where you stand on the personal passion spectrum
  • Your tolerance for extremes
  • Your capacity for speed and the level of your pioneering spirit…
  • …while explaining, the typical traits, interpersonal patterns, and life stages of the TypeE person.

We invite you to explore the TypeE traits of success and failure within all the nooks and crannies of your life. Be bold in your new undertakings and fearless in the face of your mistakes, for within each mistake lies the seeds of great success and uncompromising personal fulfillment.