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Engaging the Course - Guidebook

The Guidebook is designed to be three hole punched at the top of the landscape oriented page for those of you who want to print it out and organize it into a binder. When printing from a PDF in draft mode – font size and shape may vary in the printed version. Through the mind-body practices and active feedback events we will engage our own mind-body interface and being to open up to a wider expanse of consciousness than what we normally experience. This experiential component will accelerate you ability to shift from doing to being and your journey to living and manifesting your enlightened life!  

Engaging the Course Components for Maximum Benefit!  

This process is comprised of multiple components designed to be used together for maximum effect. We will look at the TypeE Paradigm through the lens of the transition most TypeEs make from Leading on the Edge to Living Beyond the Edge. You can customize The course utilizes audio segments from the self-paced programs Living on the Edge Without Falling Off and Taming the TypeE. If you have worked with the TypeE Personality Profile before be sure to look for new and different questions and ways of relating to your TypeE personality. Each week you will receive an email with a brief note, any special instructions and a link to the Guidebook learning experience segment for that week. The first page of the Guidebook will provide an overview of the material and practices, and links to any audio download(s) are located in the sidebar. The audio segments will generally be between twenty and thirty minutes in length. This is the TypeE “sweet spot” for gathering and assimilating information. Integrative Questions, Exercises and suggested Practices are woven into the text as well as at the end of each weekly section. We highly recommend taking the time to answer the questions, complete these exercises and try out the practices as this is the key to awareness building, understanding yourself (and those close to you) more clearly and engaging the other steps necessary to creating and sustaining your newly developed enlightened life.  

Participating in the Community Calls is optional and, we consider this to be one of the richest parts of the course! Please Email questions you have about the topic(s) we will be covering during the call to EnlightnedE@typeEpersonality.cm These interactive discussions are recorded so that if for any reason you can’t make it you can join in on the learning or in case you’d simply like to listen again! We recommend keeping a Journal for the duration of this journey. This self-reflective tool might also be in the form of writing stories, drawing, painting or other creative activity. This will help you integrate and process what you are learning and experiencing in different ways. Specific Wild Divine/Relaxing Rhythms and Guided Visualization lessons and practices will be recommended throughout the course. You will receive your Item (SOMETHING HERE) and Wild Divine in the mail. We’ll begin using it in Week 3 – you’re welcome to install and begin exploring as soon as it arrives!