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Five Day ‘Kick Start Your Type E Life’ Action Plan

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This 5 day Kick Start your TypeE Life Action Plan is a blend of action and reflection. The activities in the Daily TypeE Action Plan assume you have let go of a daily healthy routine or are still learning about balanced nutrition, physical exercise, proper breathing and spiritual practices. These four elements are essential in every healthy and successful TypeE’s daily routine. Please check with your physician before making any major changes to your current dietary or exercise practices.  

EAT Breakfast – Balanced Nutrition  

You will be asked to have a breakfast of complex carbohydrates: (oatmeal or other wholegrain cereal, whole grain bagel, bread tortillas etc<) and protein (nuts, eggs, meat, soy products, rice and beans etc<) each morning. Gather the necessary ingredients from your shelves or the store and plan an extra 10 minutes for your morning routine, if you aren’t already eating breakfast  

EXERCISE – Physical Exercise  

You will be asked to begin a basic aerobic exercise plan. If you do not already belong to a gym, locate a set of stairs or a gentle incline near to where you work or live.  

EXHALE – Focused Breathing  

Each day you will be asked to focus in a specific manner on your breathing. How we breathe is how we live our lives – shallow or deep. Dig up that old joke book or watch a comedy today.  

ENJOY – Joyful Living / Present Moment Awareness  

We will take a look at each of the 5 Life Enhancement Techniques, and offer a variety of exercises and practices, to see the role they play in Enjoying Life and Living in the Present Moment  

  • Which of the 4 Essential Strategies do you already consistently practice?  
  • Which of the 4 Essential Strategies do you engage irregularly or occasionally?  
  • Which of the 4 Essential Strategies have you never tried?  
  • ¡Review the Enjoy Life audio Segment!