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Enhancement Techniques

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Five TypeE Life Enhancement Techniques  

Here are five techniques that successful TypeEs utilize to navigate and enjoy their life journey. They will assist you in staying focused on the present, where joy and satisfaction with life abides.  

Be on the Lookout for Excessive Boredom Excessive routine is poison for most TypeEs. Changing small patterns at work or home can have a powerful positive effect.  

Utilize positive creativity  

Creativity comes in two flavors: let’s have fun or let’s be stressed. Ensure that you are spending most of your time creating in a positive way.  

Honor your intuition  

Listening to that gut feeling about what to do or where to go from here is second nature for TypeEs. Make sure you take your intuition out for a road trip every day.  

Meditate, Pray or Play  

These activities are essential if you want to realize the full potential of having a TypeE personality. Meditation keeps the mind flexible and open to unthought-of possibilities.  

Prayer facilitates your ability to reach beyond the limits of who you appear to be in the 3D world.  

Play can anchor you in the present moment, allowing time to slow and potential to expand.  

Follow your sparkles / Follow what Enlivens You!  

Live from that place of expansive aliveness you know so well, from moment to moment, from heartbeat to heartbeat and from breath to breath. By following your feelings of positive passion and creativity on a daily basis, you will create a world of joy and success for yourself as well as for others. 

Throughout the balance of the course, we will explore the many forms these 5 Enhancement Techniques can take, and how they can be applied and put into practice in the ways that suit you and your life the best!