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Biofeedback and Guided Visualization

Topic Progress:

We’ve also incorporated one of the most elegantly designed pieces of equipment our world has to offer – our own body. It’s always honest, never judgmental and always available no matter where we are or what we’re doing, the perfect Global Positioning System for telling us where we are and where we’re headed. By utilizing guided visualization and sophisticated biofeedback instrumentation we are able to explore new realms within our own mind-body connection. This helps to incorporate the lessons we’re learning and engaging in each Module. You’ll have your own personal biofeedback device to play and practice with that comes as part of the Relaxing Rhythms program from Wild Divine. There will be many active feedback exercises and supporting video and audio segments from people like Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, and Dean Ornish, among others that support and enhance the program material.

Rhythm & Pacing

There is also a rhythm and pacing to the process, much like the cycling of your breathing. You can think of the “learning” part as the in-breath, filling you with information. The “creative” part is the out-breath, making room for curiosity and well being, and finally the forming of your own personal place of enlightenment, the pause between each breath. In itself, that pause seems to do nothing. Yet it is that very space between your in-breath and out-breath, between your doing and being, between your learning and your creating, that invites another cycle of your life to begin. This is the place of enlightenment. This is where your authentic life takes root…  


The course is co-facilitated by Alex Giorgio (TypeE Mystic) and Heidi Nobantu Saul (TypeE Translator) Alex brings his years of TypeE application, metaphysical insights and intuition while Heidi brings her varied experience as a translator, earth based spiritual perspective and a feminine view. In co-designing and facilitating the course we bring two voices and perspectives to the process, calls and questions. We see ourselves as participatory guides who will be traveling with you on the collective and individual journey we will all be embarking on.  

For most highly creative and passionate individuals the veil between our intellectual reason and the wild abandon of living an enlightened life is quite thin. It’s much easier for us as entrepreneurs, innovators, entertainers, artists, scientists, visionaries, and others with a TypeE personality, to recognize and enter the gap that leads to the state of being where enlightenment resides than it is for most other people.