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  • The Four Essential Strategies of Successful TypeEs  

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The Four Essential Strategies of Successful TypeEs

Working with more than 10,000 professionals identified as successful TypeE personalities, four essential strategies emerged. TypeEs who employed these essential but simple strategies on a daily basis thrived on the edge.

In Week Three we discover these strategies and simple ways to put them into practice. As you adopt these strategies you’ll notice that your energy, joy and success will rise while your stress and fatigue plummet. You will also learn about the five life enhancement techniques healthy.

¡TypeEs use to transform and sustain their life living on the edge!

Guidebook Contents  

  • The Four Essential Strategies / Daily Habits of Successful TypeEs  
  • Eat Breakfast  
  • Exercise  
  • Exhale / Diaphragmatic Breathing  
  • Enjoy Life! / Present Moment Awareness  
  • Five TypeE Life Enhancement Techniques  
  • Four Essential Strategies / Module #1 Overview  
  • Review and Integrate