Heidi Nobantu Saul



Heidi Nobantu Saul is an international consultant, facilitator and coach who honed her expertise through twenty-five years in the Human Resource Development and Process Design field.  Her practice is focused on developing healthy sustainable working relationships and company environments through various facilitated methodologies that engage and support effective discourse, group decision making, collaboration and conflict resolution. 

An MA in Management, Human Relations and Organizational Behavior provided the foundation for successfully working in both the corporate environments of first class resort hotels as a Director of Human Resources and in non-corporate venues including complimentary health care, massage therapy education, and a variety of profit and nonprofit organizations.  This experience crossing between these seemingly different worlds honed her skill as a synergist, facilitating the weaving together of unique perspectives, talents, strengths and experiences of her clients to work collaboratively for a greater total effect.  

In addition to her strong academic and corporate background, Heidi holds Certifications and has received training in a variety of life skills, group interaction and personal development approaches and methodologies. This allows her to integrate a multi-dimensional way of helping people articulate and actualize themselves as human beings whether individually or as members of a group.  

These studies and practices bring to expression her lifelong interest and skills in human development, relationship capacity building, and personal and group development and transformation.

Born in South Africa to a Swiss Mother and Euro American Father, who were working with an international peace organization, Heidi was introduced at an early age to a global interconnected perspective of life.  Her unique childhood, which included living in seven places on

three continents by the time she started the first grade, sparked her desire to contribute to the facilitation and creation of conscious and respectful relationships between people, communities and cultures.

Heidi divides her time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of her childhood homes, and the San Francisco bay area.  She enjoys and appreciates being able to spend time in both the land of enchantment with its creative cultures and high desert climate and within the diversity and activity of San Francisco.  She is always up for learning something new and enjoys traveling to visit friends and family around the globe.

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Heidi Nobantu Saul