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Entrepreneur's Guide to Enlightenment         
Unleash Your Life
 -  Realign Your Business  -  Change the World

If you are an entrepreneur, someone who is a motivated self starter, highly creative, a global or systems thinker, a risk taker with your life and work, you are probably a TypeE and wired for enlightenment.
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  Perhaps you are currently experiencing persistent challenges that refuse to shift, finding yourself at a personal or professional crossroads or simply feeling ready to turn the page to a new chapter in your life.

As a TypeE you may have also reached that turning point in your life where you are feeling a deep inner pull to let go of the old way you've been operating in the world and lay claim to a much deeper, richer, expansive way of living and working – living an enlightened life. This course helps create a fresh perspective by providing:

  • A break to reflect on your journey
  • A tool to understand your unique personality
  • A plan to move forward with your life and your business aligned

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Biofeedback and Guided Visualization This course incorporates one of the most elegantly designed pieces of equipment our world has to offer - our own body. It's always honest, never judgmental and always available no matter where we are or what we're doing, the perfect Global Positioning System for telling us where we are and where we're headed.

By utilizing guided visualization and sophisticated biofeedback instrumentation we are able to explore new realms within our own mind-body connection. This helps to incorporate the lessons we're learning and engaging in each Module.

You'll use your personal biofeedback device to play and practice with, that comes as part of the Relaxing Rhythms program from Wild Divine. There are many active feekback exercises and supporting video and audio segments from people like Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Dean Ornish, among others, that support and enhance the Entrepreneur's Guide program material.

Independent Self-Paced Course Through self-paced learning that engages personal choice, you will create your experience from a variety of exercises, practice and options that allow you to customize your own personal learning journey. Part I: $300  Part II & III: $600  Full Course: $800.

For more information and to order contact: heidi@TypeEpersonality.com

Facilitated Journey with Interactive Coaching Calls  Through facilitated and self paced learning, engaging discussions and personal choice, you will co-create your experience from a variety of exercises and practice options to allow you to customize your own personal learning journey. Full Course with 6/60 minute calls and interim email support $1125. More Information Here

Contact Heidi Nobantu Saul at heidi@TypeEpersonality.com for more details.

Biofeedback Tools You will need to purchase the IOM biofeedback Hardware and Healing Rhythms Software directly from Wild Divine. We suggest investing in the Super Bundle Pack. This investment is something you will use long after you've completed this 18 week adventure. Purchase Biofeedback hardware and software package here.

PART I The TypeE PersonalityŽ Paradigm

For those with a TypeE personality life is deeply exciting. The catch is that the excitement can come in two flavors – let’s have fun or let’s be stressed. TypeE personality basics of psychology, physiology and habits are covered revealing the one mistake most entrepreneurs make and the four warning signs that you’re about to go over the edge in a terrifying spin that’s out of control.  

A personal TypeE Enlightened Action Plan is created that engages essential strategies into your daily routine. Once you've learned what works for you, accessing your inner guidance becomes second nature, leading to a deeper way to live and lead.

PART II What is Living an Enlightened Life?

The one thing that is certain about living an enlightened life is that there are as many versions as there are people. As we become clearer on what living that type of life means to us, our lives and our pursuits, come into clear focus. And when that happens we experience an increase in what we're visioning and looking for actually showing up.

Many of us hold the clock and the calendar as sacred objects. Without them, our lives stop. What would happen if we switched to a universal calendar, one that makes meetings for us? As we learn to jump from a finite, to an infinite frame of reference we find all manner of assistance and miraculous circumstances seek us out. Utilizing powerful biofeedback tools we help train our physiology to shift between doing and being, developing the skill and creating more space for accessing inner peace, calmness and clarity.       

PART III Opportunity Management, Miracles and Trust

Once we are able to negotiate the dance between doing and being, between thinking and feeling, an entirely new universe of possibilities opens up. We’ll continue with the biofeedback tools as we learn to navigate this expanded horizon. The challenge of finding opportunities has now shifted to managing them.

We will address our spiritual nature in very practical ways. Merging our personal passions with our creative and business pursuits, we’ll utilize the wisdom and energy of the group, networking with others and the Universe in a way that creates insights, innovation and applications to our real world issues and opportunities.

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Course Details and Week One




“Learning where I am on the TypeE PersonalityŽ spectrum helped me understand why I’m good at what I do! 

This course was Educational – Caring – Supportive -  Networking - Thought-provoking and is good for anyone in transition, or building businesses or new ventures!" 

Elizabeth Frisch CXO, Thrival School

The benefits of living
an enlightened life
often include:

 • Unstoppable
    excitement and
    brilliant creativity,
    reduced periods of
    time feeling

 • Growing awareness

    of synchronistic
    experiences of
    opportunity and
    confirmation of
    your path

 • Expanded physical

    vitality, emotional
    resilience and
    inner peace

 • Deep capacity to love

    and be loved

 • More dynamic,

    prosperous ventures
    and functional,
    harmonious and
    inspired relationships

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