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The TypeE Personality(R)

Living on the Edge and Loving It  An Introduction 

TypeE Field Guide and Audio Book 

If you are an entrepreneur, entertainer or CEO, or if you consider yourself energetic or maybe even enlightened, chances are you have a TypeE personality.

This audio book and written supplement are a wonderful entree into the world of the TypeE Personality. Includes an overview of the TypeE personality, the TypeE Quiz, TypeE life stages, the Critical Zone quiz and many other dynamic TypeE tendencies.

PDF/MP3 format - Run time: 40 minutes

The TypeE Personality: Living on the Edge and Loving It
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The TypeE Personality(R):
Living on the Edge without
Falling Off

6 Week Self-Paced Program

This ground-breaking program is the culmination of years of work with thousands of successful TypeEs.

The essence of their rise to success, as well as their fall from grace has been distilled for you in this online program with Guidebook and Audio.

The scope of this program goes beyond solely teaching you about the TypeE personality. It instructs you on how to maintain your success if you’ve already acquired it, or find your way to achieving it, if you’re still trapped in the rat race, unable to reawaken your passion and creativity.

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Taming the TypeE Personality(R)

Meeting the needs of individuals and organizations who interact with TypeE personalities

In this companion audio program to Living on the Edge without Falling Off, you’ll find invaluable insights and suggestions for people who live and work with TypeEs.

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"TypeEs whose lives are balanced, joyful and fulfilled, share a handful of basic techniques."