The TypeE Personality(R)
Living on the Edge without Falling Off

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Living on the Edge without Falling OffPROGRAM SUMMARY

This groundbreaking program is the culmination of years of work with thousands of successful TypeEs. The essence of their rise to success, as well as their fall from grace has been distilled for you in this six week program.

The scope of this program goes beyond solely teaching you about the TypeE personality. It instructs you on how to maintain your success if you’ve already acquired it, or find your way to achieving it, if you’re still trapped in the rat race, unable to reawaken your passion and creativity.

The combination of the TypeE Guidebook and the Audio segments will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you, whether you are a TypeE or you live and work closely with TypeEs. 

The questions posed along with the exercises, practices and the TypeE Action Plan will act as a powerful catalyst for your personal and professional growth.

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The TypeE Personality Profile
TypeEs are usually entrepreneurs, top executives, entertainers, artists, musicians, athletes, scientists and other innovators. Their eyes are on the future, their hands are in the present and their hearts are focused on infinity. While an estimated five to ten percent of the population fits the TypeE personality profile, only a small percentage of these have successfully harnessed their TypeE Personality. These amazing people have a passion for life and are able to forge new concepts, processes and innovative applications in a way few people can.

We start by taking the TypeE Quiz to discover if you, your friends and colleagues have a TypeE personality. Then we learn about the unique physiology TypeEs share and become familiar with the TypeE Manager, Translator and Mystic.


Anatomy of the TypeE Personality
TypeE individuals thrive in an environment that is diverse, challenging and ever evolving. They love living on the edge of life and would have it no other way. There is a very specific pattern and progression to a healthy TypeEs life. If TypeEs and the people around them are to experience a fulfilling life, it is crucial that they understand these patterns.

In this module, we learn the three life stages that nearly all TypeEs experience. The three stages are: Living on the Edge, Leading on the Edge, and finally Living Beyond the Edge. We will focus on the first stage which can take the TypeE on a wild ride through the TypeE Critical Zone. Taking the TypeE Critical Zone Quiz lets you know just how close to the Edge you really are.


TypeEs on the Job, at Home and in School
The TypeE personality lives on the edge of a future they are actively creating. For the TypeE to truly realize their full potential they need to create an environment that supports their uniqueness, creativity and passion. When they recognize and implement the personal and environmental aspects needed to support the TypeE and their life in a positive way, the passionate leader within each TypeE begins to emerge.

In this module the important aspects of a TypeE’s life are reviewed. We discover the unique ways TypeEs function within their work, home and school environments and how to recognize and implement the support needed to thrive as a TypeE. We also become familiar with how many TypeEs turn Attention Deficit Disorder from a disability into a recipe for success and how best to care for children that have a TypeE personality.


Leading on the Edge: Passion, Power and Peace
At this point in the program, we have determined if you or someone close to you is a TypeE, learned to recognize the different stages and how to create the supportive environment needed to thrive with a TypeE personality. You now realize that your highly creative nature needs special care and you’ve finally got an explanation for all those personal and professional ups and downs you’ve experienced throughout your life. But what do you do with the fact that you’re a TypeE?

In this module we use this new knowledge to begin tailoring a personal and professional lifestyle that best utilizes your unique physiology, talents and creative abilities. We also learn how to apply the techniques suggested in this section to build a life of passion, power and peace.


The Four Essential Strategies of Successful TypeEs
Working with more than 10,000 professionals identified as successful TypeE personalities, four essential strategies emerged. TypeEs who employed these essential but simple strategies on a daily basis thrived on the edge.

In this module we learn these strategies and how to utilize them. As we adopt these four strategies our energy, joy and success soar while our stress and fatigue plummet. We'll also discover and learn how to apply the five TypeE life enhancement techniques healthy TypeEs use to transform their lives.


The TypeE Action Plan
At this point you have discovered the gifts and challenges of being a TypeE.  Now it's time to create our plan of action for building an amazing life. The TypeE Action Plan is an easy and effective way to incorporate the TypeE  techniques you have learned into a daily routine. This module is a blend of action and reflection. Four daily action steps are suggested, each centering on the strategies of successful TypeEs.

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The TypeE individual thrives
in an environment that is diverse, challenging,
and continually evolving.

“As a CEO and entrepreneur of many years I can say following the TypeE Personality program, Living on the Edge without Falling Off,
has made a huge difference in my
personal and professional life.

"From this higher quality way of life I have been able to function much closer to my optimal
level of creativity and passion, resulting in enhanced, productive professional activities!”

Steve Wall, CEO/Director
Bio Research Institute